Spaceblock Network

Official Rules

All rules listed here apply to all players of the Spaceblock Network. This includes normal players, donators, staff members, and VIPs. These rules are in effect at all times and are enforced by official staff members of the Spaceblock Network. Violating any of these rules may result in punishment action taken against you or your account(s) which can include, but are not limited to: warnings, kicks, mutes, suspensions, and bans. Failure to read and understand these rules is not a valid claim in defense of breaking them.

These rules are subject to change at anytime, with or without prior notice. The Spaceblock Leadership Team reserves this right.

Using an alternative account on the Spaceblock Network to evade a punishment will result in an extended punishment and all known alternative accounts will be permanently banned. Multiple infractions of ban or mute evasion will result in a permanent network ban, which bans all IPs tied to your account(s).

Client Modifications
The usage of modifications to your Minecraft client is heavily moderated by Spaceblock Staff. While some modifications are allowed, there are other modifications that are not permitted. Additionally, you are ultimately responsible for your client and the modifications you have, even if you are unaware something is disallowed.

What is a Blacklisted Modification?
A blacklisted modification is any client modification that gives you a significant advantage over other players on the Network.

Allowed Modifications:

    • OptiFine & Shaders
    • Armor and Potion HUD Modifications
    • Brightness Modifications / Gamma Increasing
    • MiniMap Modifications (as long as they don't show players, entities, chests, caves, etc).
Any other type of modification should be considered blacklisted.

Cheating and Exploiting

This includes:

    • Using blacklisted client modifications.
    • Exploiting bugs or glitches.
    • Using a donation, staff, or VIP rank to gain an unintended advantage over other users (i.e. Saying things such as "I'm a VIP send your kits / money / items to me to get in the video / stream." is strictly forbidden).
    • Using a Hacked Client, 3rd-Party or external Modification, Injected Client, Illegal Macros (such as autoclickers or spam-bots).
All of the above result in severe punishment.

Offensive Usernames, Capes or Skins

1). Having an offensive username in-which is related to sexual or inappropriate topics, profane language, or sensitive issues is not permitted.
2). Having an offensive cape in-which is related to sexual or inappropriate topics, profane language, or sensitive issues is not permitted.
3). Having an offensive skin in-which is related to sexual or inappropriate topics, profane language, or sensitive issues is not permitted.


You are permitted to run a public giveaway on the Spaceblock Network as long as it meets the following requirements:

    • Your forums account has been registered for at least 1 month and you have at least 50 messages.
    • The giveaway does not contain a disallowed item.
    • You do not require users to interact with your social media account, forums account, or minecraft account (i.e. subscribing, liking, and commenting on YouTube videos, liking or following your forums account, and sharing or donating items or money to you in game).
    • You do not ask for them to provide any personal information (i.e. real names, email addresses, paypals, etc).
    • You have additional open giveaways that you have not awarded yet.
Disallowed Giveaway Items:

    • Minecraft or other gaming accounts
    • Paid Client Modifications or Capes
    • Physical Items
    • Ranks on other servers
    • The giveaway of Steam Accounts is specifically forbidden
Spaceblock Staff are not responsible for giveaways, sales, or other such things if they take place off network. You are responsible for your money, account, and items.

Respect ALL Players

Respect All Players, at all times. We simply ask that you are respectful to everyone on the network at all times. Do not send a chat message or make a forums post that could be taken offensive or hurt the feelings of another player. We also take discrimination, in any form, very seriously.
This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Sexism
    • Racism
    • Ageism
    • Religious
    • Disabilities
    • Rankism (Donators / Non - Donators)
    • Any other forms of discrimination
Profane Language and Inappropriate Content are strictly Prohibited
Please be mindful of the age of everyone on the network. We strive to be a family friendly network and the use of profane language and referring to or posting inappropriate content anywhere on the network is forbidden (Profane Language = Swearing).

Spam and Excessive Use of Capital Letters

Something is considered "Spam" once it is posted at least 3 times consecutively or posted repeatedly within the last 5 minutes.
Please also refrain from the use of excessive capital letters. It is excessive if at least 75% of the sentence is capital letters or symbols or the message simply looks unpleasing in chat.

Do not impersonate other players, staff members, or VIPs

Impersonation is taken very seriously. Some things to note:
Staff Members will NEVER ask for your account password; Staff Members will NEVER ask you for money; and VIPs or Official Network Giveaways will not require personal information.

Official Ranks:

    • Jr.Moderators are represented by a light green [JR.MOD] tag.
    • Moderators are represented by a blue [MOD] tag.
    • Administrators are represented by an orange [ADMIN] tag.
    • Managers are represented by a light red [MANAGER] tag.
    • Owners are represented by a dark-red [OWNER] tag.
    • VIPs are represented by a gold [VIP] tag.
Buying and Selling Minecraft Accounts
Spaceblock Network does not encourage, condone, or recommend the act of buying or selling Minecraft Accounts. Additionally, if you purchase a Minecraft Account and find out it is banned on Spaceblock, we will not unban the account. Also, if you have an account that gets banned on Spaceblock, and you sell it and purchase an account that isn't banned on Spaceblock, you as an individual are still banned from Spaceblock. Therefore any accounts you use to connect to Spaceblock, are subject to receiving a Ban Evasion Ban.

Account Security and Account Sharing

Spaceblock Network strongly discourages the act of sharing Minecraft Accounts with anyone. You are totally responsible for any activity on your account even if it was the result of a breach of security on your account. You're not only responsible for who uses your account and what they do, but also for the security of your account. Spaceblock Staff will not pardon any punishments taken against your account due to account compromisation unless notified prior to the actions occurring. If you are aware of a breach in your account's security or you believe your account could be subject to a breach in the near future, please contact a Moderator via Forums PM, Discord, or through the "player reports" forums section and notify them of your account's (possible) compromisation. They will ask you for proof of account ownership and once provided, your account will be suspended from joining the network until you notify us that your account is safe.

Advertising is Prohibited

Advertising for other servers or networks, websites, games, or youtube channels / twitch streams is prohibited. You may advertise for your YouTube Video or Live Stream in chat once every 30 minutes as long as you are only featuring Spaceblock Content. Any other social media advertising will result in a mute.
Advertising for other networks or games, will result in a mute or ban depending on the severity and specific offense.
Advertising for a gaming website (i.e. "Everyone make an account on") is considered Domain Advertising and also results in a mute or ban depending on severity and offense history.

However, advertising for a website that contains mature / sexual / inappropriate content is considered as a severe offense and results in a ban.

Forums Profile Picture Guidelines
- Uploading a fake "selfie" or photo of "yourself" is not permitted as this is considered trying to "impersonate" someone else.
- Photos must not contain references or pictures of sexual, profane, or inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to: nudity, sex, and violent images. Additionally, this also covers advertising via your profile picture and references to drugs and alcohol.
- The uploading of images related to or referencing pornography is specifically forbidden.
- Photos cannot contain anything that promotes or encourages violence, racism or sexism.

Forums Signature Guidelines

- Signatures are forbidden to contain any possibly malicious links. This includes but is not limited to: account stealers/phishers, ip loggers, computer viruses/malware/adware, or screamers.
- Signatures cannot link to or contain any gifs or images that have bright flashing lights.
- Animated gifs and images within your signature are permitted as long as they are not bright or flashing.
- Sites that add pets, karma, or other intangibles are allowed.
- Any video must be held in a spoiler and must be appropriate for all users.

To Appeal a Punishment against your account, click here.
To Report a player for violating the rules, click here.
For more information regarding becoming a Staff Member, click here.

Additionally, you can review our Terms and Conditions of Service by clicking here

The Spaceblock Leadership Team and Administration Team reserve the right to edit, modify, alter, and null / void any part of this document or others at any time and enforce them. We also reserve the right to remove you from the network, forums, discord, or any other service connected to us at anytime for any reason we deem necessary. Purchasing a rank, items, or donating money / time to the network does not give you the right to violate our rules.
Finally, Charging back on a purchase you made from our store will result in a permanent network ban that cannot be disputed or appealed. In order to get this ban reversed, you must contact a Manager or Administrator directly.